It's the first warm, beautiful day of spring. You've been itching all winter to go riding. You jump on your quad and take off. Ten minutes later you stop. Why? To ease the pain in your throbbing thumb.


Inspiration for the DXTrigger came from the pain and difficulty we experience during long ATV rides.Our patented design is engineered to reduce pain, improve riding dynamics, and work in conjunction with the standard OEM throttle.



The unique design

enables 3 throttle options:

  • "Push" Traditional thumb throttle
  • "Trigger Pull" Comfortable finger throttle
  • "Pinch" Dynamic control using fingers and thumb


Experience the BENEFITS

  • More comfortable ride
  • A more natural hand movement with the "pinch"
  • Easier for women, teens, and small-handed creatures
  • Benefits people with thumb disabilities or arthritic conditions