Pushing the throttle creates tension and force on the thumb muscles. 


People with smaller hands suffer more because the thumb is stretched to grip the throttle.


Some riders suffer from weak arm muscles or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 


The DXTrigger allows for multiple modes of activating the throttle.  It reduces the force on the thumb.  The versatility allows the rider to switch to avoid fatigue.

Better Comfort

Would you like a throttle specifically designed to reduce fatigue and pain for those long rides?  What you need is the DXTrigger that works with your OEM thumb throttle to offer multiple options.


The revolutionary design delivers precise and comfortable control regardless of the terrain.  DXTrigger offers the two fingers pull position, regular OEM thumb throttle push control or a combination of both that we call the "pinch".


Easily installs in minutes using only a screwdriver.  Eliminate the aggravation, frustration and pain today!

Patented design


U.S. PATENT #8,082,819

Uniquely designed finger throttle for motorized vehicles.



Most of the DXTriggers are made from durable glass reinforced injection molded plastic and stainless steel internal parts.

Problem with OEM throttles

For safety reasons the OEM throttle was designed with one or more springs to force the throttle back to the idle position when lever was released.  However, that same force places constant pressure on the operator's thumb.  This results in fatigue and pain for the rider.