DXTrigger is designed to work together with OEM thumb throttle
Easy to use – Easy to install  (3-4 simple screws)
"DXTrigger is a perfect option for Honda ATV owners who spend a lot of time in the saddle and have experienced sore-thumb syndrome."
"If a numb throttle thumb is on your list of ATV ailments, the DXTrigger Evolve is a great way to extend rides without digit downtime."
100% money back guarantee & 100% life time replacement
Only $125 
+ shipping and handling
See DXTrigger in action!
You can have it installed before your next ride!
John Peterson
Test Rider
"I have trouble with my thumb cramping up. ...I liked using the regular and this; pinching them together with your hand around the handlebar has a natural feel to it."
Landon Street
Technician Monarch Honda Orem, Utah
"I've been riding 15 years, and my biggest issue with riding ATVs is the strain that it puts on your thumb. ...being able to use your fingers will alleviate that."
Rob Morgan
Owner of Monarch Honda Orem, Utah
"I loved it! It was a lot of fun, it was easy..." "Until now there really hasn't been anything close to this product on the market"
Kevin Shieffield
Test rider
"I know my wife who rides it sometimes, she would like something simple. I know a lot of the time she goes out and her thumb gets really tired. So having that extra there gives her that extra push and makes it easier to get through the day."
Once you used it you will love it!
Problem with OEM throttles
For safety reasons the OEM throttle was designed with one or more springs to force the throttle back to the idle position when lever was released.  However, that same force places constant pressure on the operator's thumb.  This results in fatigue and pain for the rider.
Better comfort
Pushing the throttle creates tension and force on the thumb muscles. People with smaller hands suffer more because the thumb is stretched to grip the throttle. Some riders suffer from weak arm muscles or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 
Uniquely designed finger throttle for motorized vehicles. Most of the DXTriggers are made from durable glass reinforced injection molded plastic and stainless steel internal parts.

U.S. PATENT #8.082.819
What our clients said
The message from Rand

Hi, We have been out riding since I installed the DXTrigger.  It's excellent.  I have a worn out joint in my thumb (Cartilage is missing) that makes it very painful to use my thumb to push on the standard throttle.  This is just the thing I needed.  I can now ride again without the pain. Thanks. Rand

The message from Dave

Thank you very much. I have Multiple Sclerosis and lost much of the motor function and feeling in the right side of my body. I am only able to work a thumb throttle for several minutes before I can't push the throttle anymore. Now with the Dxtrigger I am able to continue riding my Polaris Sportsman 850 for a long time. I thought my ATV riding days were over, but because of the Dxtrigger I'm now able to continue riding something that I thoroughly enjoy. I use my ATV to get me out hunting, exploring and pleasure riding. Thank you very much for a great product!! David Kamps Albuquerque, NM

The message from Allan Mefford Hawaii

I finally got a long ride and doing trail maintenance with the DXTrigger.  For me it wasn't just a helper to stop thumb fatigue.  I used it as an alternate to the thumb throttle and did it unconsciously.  I probably used the DX more than the thumb throttle.  My natural position was two fingers on the lever, probably because of my many years of riding a dirt bike and always having two fingers on the front brake lever.  Since there is no right hand lever on the Polaris this is a natural feeling. From the start I didn't notice the DXTrigger as something new.  It was just a good natural addition.  I had no hand or finger fatigue at all at the end of the ride.  I am happy with the DXTrigger and it won't come off the machine until it wears out. Alan


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You called upon us to design Polaris Finger Throttle. Here it is now! If your throttle looks like this and has 4 screws on top, DXTrigger will make a great addition to your Polaris model.  If your throttle looks different from the  picture, we can help you win over your existing OEM throttle so that DXTrigger  will work too.  If you have a specific question please email us.